Angler Amber Ale

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Brew Date: 04/11/2004
Batch Number: 61
Type: Amber Ale
Alc Percent: 4.50%

Notes & Comments:
(side bar) "The Angler Amber Ale, the true third in the Signiture Series, was inspired by Todd after many sessions at Iron Hill Brewery wondering if a beer could be made similar to their Anvil Ale. Well, here's Fool Circle's Amber - which features Willamette hops for flavor and aroma combined with crystal malts - for a creamy mouth feel."

Much to my surprise, it appears as if Todd enjoyed this beer better than Iron Hill's Anvil Ale, well maybe not Anvil on cask condition. This batch was the first time I used a yeast starter and the first time I used oxygen, I think they both made a huge difference. They were able to be purchased because of the Signiture Series, my money was going toward equipment not ingredients. This was one of my favorite beers I have made, stay tuned for a repeat of this beast.