Randall The Enamel Animal

What is said “Animal”, you may ask? Said “Animal” is what dreams are made of. Full on props to my nizzles over at DFH – keep up the slap-happy-crack-monkey style!


“Just try the Beer”
“The result is a beer with a refreshingly herbaceous flavor”
The New York Times

Randall, a Dogfish head invention, is an organoleptic hop transducer module.

A three-foot-long, cylinder-filter packed with a half a pound of whole leafhops that we affix to the beer line leaving a keg (for example, our 90 Minute IPA).

Our 90 Minute IPA is an ideal beer for Randall due to it’s high alcohol volume. The alcohol in the 90 Minute IPA grabss the oils off the hops in the Randall on the way to the tapfaucet inducing the most pungent and glorious fresh hop experience known to man (or woman).

We unveiled Randall at the East coast vs. West coast Lupulin Slam at RFD in Washington DC. A Randallized keg of 120 minute IPA won the event for theeast coast!

A number of beer bars and brewpubs have already placed orders for a Randall of their own.

Randall is great for educating beer lovers on the taste, touch and smell of whole-leaf hops.

This is an on-going experiment, so let us know what you think! You can e-mail sam@dogfish.com
Dogfish Head will soon be selling Randalls, so let Sam know if you want one!

What we have here is a full-scale Randall Revolution!

Check these guys out! Dogfish Head

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