‘Brew Your Own’ 9th Annual Label Contest

“Send us your best homebrew labels and you could win some great prizes! Hurry – deadline is April 15, 2004. – Enter our 9th annual homebrew label contest! Enter as often as you like, but you can only win one prize. Winners will see their artwork featured in the July-August issue of Brew Your Own and win some great prizes from BYO advertisers.”

So, what do you think I did? That’s right, me, Mr. Label-Junkie himself entered a few labels into a “new-style” of beer contest. Well, I actually entered seven . . . but since I can really only win one prize, who’s counting! I entered the Moore’s Light, the Three Threads Porter, the Diet of Worms Dopple Bock, the Hogshead Porter, the MacRae Scottish Heavy Ale, the Fool Circle Irish Dry and the E.C.P.A.

If any of you cats are feeling extra saucey, go ahead and enter some action yourself, all it takes is a little picture, a little name and a little lie!

Brew Your Own Label Contest

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