National Homebrew Competition – Update

Well, it’s confirmed – I didn’t win anything at National’s. That’s OK, I honestly didn’t think that I would. National level, best of the best to start out with, plus there were between 3,500-4,000 entries! Here are a few of the comments about the beers, just so you get an idea of what they were saying:

  • MacRae Scottish Export Ale – “Cabbage overwelms everything else.”
  • Dry Stout – “Roasted grains out of balance with sweetness.”
  • Licorice Stout – “Whole lotta licorice! licorice should be more balanced.”
  • Califonia Common – “A nice quaffable refreshing beer, but not a good example of a CA Common.”

So basically I paid good money to get my beers ripped, that’s OK, that’s what I enter for – constructive criticism. Plus, most of the people that do enter brew “to style”, I more brew to brew . . . whatever that means!?

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