BUZZ OFF Results

Better late than never . . . I didn’t place in this competition, but my beers still did pretty well. I entered 5 beers and the range of scores were from 24-34 Good to Very Good. Here’s a shortie style recap for all my monkeys:

  • MacRae Scottish Heavy – “This brilliant copper beer has a dense cream colored head with excellent retention.” Avg. score = 27
  • Fool Circle Irish Dry (entered in the Brown Porter category) – “Really nice porter, very beautiful.” Avg. score = 31
  • Califonia Common – “Nice beer, I could easily drink a few of these.” Avg score = 32
  • Licorice Stout – “Nice deep ruby brown, nice concept beer.” Avg. score = 25
  • Angler Amber Ale – “A rather unique brew, reminds me of strawberry preserves.” Avg score = 33

I entered the Irish Dry in the Brown Porter and it did way better than it had in any other competition, I guess my stout wasn’t stouty enough for the judges. Also, even though I have some good scores, this competition was extra difficult because of the opportunity to go on to the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB) event. All the first place winners advanced to this event, which probably explains why 8 out of 17 1st place winners were from out of state – mail in opportunity. Enjoy!

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