1st Annual B3 Forum Homebrew Competition

Well, the results are in, and guess whose name appears at the the top of the list! You damn right! B3 Results

Fool Circle pulled in two awards for one beer with this competition. I’ll start off slow, letting you you know what I entered, and I’ll finish by letting you know what won. I entered 4 beers for this competition, this was the invitation only competition in California that I mentioned in the last Village Idiot. I entered the Double Dubbel in the Belgian Strong Dark Ale category, the Hunting MacRae in the Old Ale category, the ECPA in the American IPA category, & the ESB in the ESB category. And the winner is . . . (drum roll please . . .)

The Hunting MacRae (v.05)!!! Not only did the MacRae win in the Old Ale category, but the Old Ale category was lumped with several other categories to for a “Big Beers” category consisting of Barley Wines, Old Ales, Imperial IPA’s & Strong Scotch Ale – it was still judged as an Old Ale, but it still had to beat all those others. Also, the Hunting MacRae won the Best B3 Kit Beer Brewer – which was a special category just for this competition. Basically if you brewed your beer using on of the company’s beer kits, Beer, Beer & More Beer (B3), then you indicated that on the entry form. I don’t know if they took just the highest scored number or had a seperate judging, but SWEET! Also, since it was first in one category, it had to of been in the Best of Show judging though it obviously didn’t win.

I really couldn’t be happier. There were 98 entries from all over the country, probably mostly California because that is where the store is located. I was a little hesitant because after entry fees (typical) and shipping (3 day from Delaware to California, not typical) the price to enter this competition was higher than I normally paid – but I went for it, and it was worth it. Plus now I’ll get reviews on 4 of my beers before two of the competitions out here which may help me decide if I should enter them in a different category.

Just FYI, posted on the B3 site was this snipet, “The best B3 Kit Beer will get two free kits and yeast of their choice, plus a B3 shirt or hat. And the ribbon. First place winners of each category will get something special too, along with the ribbon.” Sweet, they know how to play up to us!

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