War Of The Worts X Results

Competition number two for the year with awards number three and four for the year! Check the results page here.

Fool Circle pulled in two awards for one beer with this competition, AGAIN! First I’ll tell you what I entered, and then I’ll let you know what I won. I entered 4 beers in 5 different categories for this competition, this was the War of the Worts X competition, the largest in the area with 286 entries. I entered the Double Dubbel in the Belgian Strong Dark Ale category, the Hunting MacRae in the Old Ale category, the ECPA in the American IPA category and the Hop Devil Clone category, & the ESB in the ESB category. And the winner is . . .

The E.C.P.A. II!!! The ECPA won Second Place at the IPA table for being an American IPA and it also won Third Place at the IPA table for being a Hop Devil Clone. That’s great that I won both a 2nd and 3rd Place, but what about the Hop Devil Clone category, what happened to that? Somehow it appears as if both entries became lumped together, and there is no other mention of the Hop Devil Clone category AT ALL on the Keystone website anywhere.

Well, I now have the answer, I was the only one who entered a Clone! I don’t believe it, but it’s true. So since there was only one beer in the category, it had to be “lumped” with another. I finally wrote to the Competition Organizers and within minutes got back this response:
“Hi Brian, You are the only one who entered a beer in the “clone” category. With only one beer, we had no other choice than to consolidate with another category. However, we promised a prize to the clone winner and we always keep our promises, so you are a lucky man: you won the personal tour with Bill Cowaleski, Victory brewmaster.You will receive a certificate to that effect (unless you prefer picking it up at the store). Congratulations on your double-win! (and smart move to enter the same beer in 2 different categories) Best, Vince”

You can read more about the ECPA II here at Fool Circle!

You can read more about Victory’s Hop Devil here at Victory Brewing Company.

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