What If?

What if Fool Circle was to only make 4 kinds of beer a year starting in 2006. Two parter: 1)What beer styles would you like to see attempted before the end of 2005 & 2)What 4 Fool Circle beers or styles do you think should be the 4 that Fool Circle should focus on for 2006?

Suppose said 4 beers start to become brewed on a very regular basis in larger quantity sized batches, so there would “excess” cases of beer available to be acquired through donations, would anyone be interested? And what would be a “fair” price?

Fool Circle is currently preparing to go in the following direction: All-grain -> 10 gallon batches -> kegs available. This three tier plan will hopefully be in effect beginning in 2006 and come to completion by the end of 2006.

Let me know your thoughts through the contact page. Thanks. B.

P.S. – I brewed a Mild Brown yesterday, should be a good session beer.

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