Hops, Round 1

On Monday, I harvested my first round of hops for the year. Last year I only had one harvest, but this year it looks like I may have two, or three with the third being much smaller. Here is a multi-picture of my newest Cascade hops.

The first picture (in the upper left hand corner) is a bowl full of 5 oz. of fresh (not dry yet) hops. The second picture is of the hops drying in the dehydrator. There were almost three full trays this year, and they dryed in about five hours. The third picture is weighing the dried hops, they came in about an ounce and a half. And the final picture is a quart (32 oz.) mason jar filled to almost bursting to be stuck in the back of the dark cold freezer until it is time to brew. Hopefully, if the other two harvests go so well, I’ll be able to brew a single batch with all homegrown hops.

Check out last years hoppiness here: Hops 2004

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