Erik Mitchell – Tin Angel – PPA

Preface: I’ve had ‘The Tower’ by Ice-T stuck in my head all day, dunno why – plus I am enjoying a lovely DFH 90 Minute IPA.

OK – Here we go, last night I went up to the Tin Angel in Philly to see my friends Erik Mitchell & Robert Desjardin play. They played with Kyle Justin and Adrienne Hamilton – Kyle first, Adrienne second.

Erik Mitchell

I went up last night with Karen. We went to Serrano for dinner before hand which is the restaurant associated with the Tin Angel. To me, the main benefit of eating there prior to a show is that you get reserved seating upstairs at the show. After we ate we went upstairs in the middle of Kyle’s set. Kyle is good, but not as full as the other two bands. After Kyle came Erik Mitchell and Company.

Playing tonight with Mitchell was Jon Mernyk on lead guitar, Corey Bonser on bass, Robert Desjardin on drums, John Conahan on keyboard. I have heard several combos of players, just Mitchell, Mitchell bass and drums, the trio with Mernyk and the trio with Conahan – but I must say, the 5 together was the best combo I have heard yet – they really sounded full, tight and loose all at the same time. So far I am cool with Mitchell and Robert and comfortable with Corey “Golden Monkey-Boy” Bonser, but John and John I have not been able to put my finger on yet. They both seem cool, but I guess I just need to kick it with them.

Here is the setlist from the night:

In The Bayou
Worst Woman
Easy To Love You
Piece Of The Pie
Wharf Rat
The House Of Osiris
Baba Dochia

After Mitchell & Co. was Adrienne Hamilton. She was good, really dug here sound, had a kick-ass guitar player, but he looked like a pompas-ass playing. Visually he ruined the set for me, he played like he was ‘the man’, fortunetly he sounded like he was ‘the man’, so I guess he may have a right.


After the show we went to leave to find out my car had been towed by the F-in’ PPA! Dude! I was pissed to say the least. When we parked there was no notice of a tow-away zone that I could see. It was a Sunday night, I thought we had just gotten lucky – here’s some advie, don’t try and save $20 bucks just to stress-out and pay $140 the next day – M. F-er! I must say though, the people at the PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) were as nice as can be, but they sure made you jump through some hoops. Nuff said, park at a garage, enjoy your evening, go see Mitchell & Co. Thanks to Roby-Ro for the ride home, I LOVE your floor tom!

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