Bad Hop Daddy

I’m a bad hop daddy! It’s now the end of April and my hops still aren’t in the ground! I know, I know they should have been in like a month ago, but I’m a slacker and have had other stuff to do – forgive me hop-gods for I have sinned.


Right now my almost 4 year old Cascade hop plants are sitting in a flower pot on our back porch. This picture doesn’t show it but they are already as tall as I am and that’s with less than optimal growing conditions. I REALLY need to get these suckas in the ground. Last year when we moved and dug up the roots to replant here I was amazed how long they had gotten. When I originally bought them the rhizomes were about as long and thick as my finger. After I dug them up they the longest ones were over 3 feet long and half as thick as my wrist at there thickest point! I really don’t want to accidentally kill these hops. I don’t expect a large yield this year as they re-establish their root system, but hopefully by next year they’ll be kickin’ again. I’ll keep you posted.

3 Responses to “Bad Hop Daddy”

  1. David Says:

    Bad Hop Daddy = Good Band Name

  2. Richard Says:

    planted my hops today, I hope they live.

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