Second Kegging Experience

Last Wednesday was my second time kegging, and that’s without even knowing if the first time was a complete success or not yet, great! Anyway, things seemed like they went off quite easily which I guess is a good sign. I actually cleaned the kegs on Tuesday and sanitized and filled them on Wednesday.


kegwebpt2_2.jpgNot going to have too much to say probably. I have learned that the closer it is to the event that the post goes up the more detailed and excited I typically am while writing the post. Since this was about five days ago now, there is only so much to say. So, basically I kegged the new-style (different recipe than the original-style) Belgian-style Wit bier and the Hazelnut Brown. Again, I stole a 6-pack from both kegs – I sure hope those Cooper’s drops work well.


Per usual when I do this kind of thing, I got to taste my batches to see how they are progressing. These of course were warm and uncarbonated samples, but sometimes that’s how I like it. The Wit was soft and silky on the palate, really nice feel, with a little zinger of a citrus bite. I’m hoping that this cold and carbonated will be a real day-time hit. The Hazelnut smelled fantastic! The hazelnut essence for the Hazelnut Brown was only added at the last moment for kegging/bottling to help retain the most hazelnut aroma, and let me tell you it really smelled great! The flavor seemed to have mixed well with the beer, but it was a little bit more difficult to form an impression of what the final product will be like. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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