Dude at my work ‘Hey, I here you make some pretty good beer?’
Me “Yeah, I make all sorts of shit.’

Dude ‘I’d like to try some sometime. Can you bring me in a can sometime?’
Me ‘OK, what style do you normally drink’
Dude ‘Oh, just regular, you know Bud.’
Me ‘OK, but I don’t really brew that style. I’ll try to bring you in something lighter that I make that you might like.’
Dude ‘OK because I don’t really like those darker styles like Lager, I just like regular beer.’
Me ‘OK, I’ll try to bring in something you’ll like sometime.’

Guess I’ll never be bringing him a can of my regular homebrew – lunk-head.

3 Responses to “Dude”

  1. Garrett Says:

    *Shakes head in dismay*. He would be a waste of beer, even if you were feeling nice enough to bless him with one of yours.

    We could pee in a soda bottle and carbonate it with a carbonator cap for him. He’d likely catch a better buzz than drinking Bud.

  2. Brian Says:

    I’ll make sure that it is homebrewed-infused pee first =^)

  3. Garrett Says:

    Oh hey dude – Lemme borrow your canning line, and you can borrow my corker. :-p

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