BUZZ Off Pt1

So Saturday I dropped off beers at Iron Hill West Chester for the 2007 BUZZ Off Homebrew Competition. Basically I chose to drop off the four beers I had brewed for the Scavenger Hunt: the Oak-Aged C-Hop Pale Ale, the S.A.W. Pale Ale, the Belgian-style Wit, and the Hazelnut Brown.


Not that I am being pessimistic, but I do not have high hopes for these beers. Most of these beers are slightly out of style (per usual) for what I entered them in, but I figured some constructive criticism never hurts. Plus, since the BUZZ Off is a qualifying event for the MCAB lots of people mail in some excellent entries. Hopefully if my schedule allows I will be up there judging for this competition, more on that the closer we get to June 9th.


On a side note, the More Beer competition was also on Saturday (in California). This was the competition where I was invited to compete in the Stainless Brewer event. Two days later and no results are posted yet, weak. They did post that there were eight judges judging the Stainless Brewer event and that there was a unanimous winner. Somehow I’m not feeling it, but still curious. UPDATE: (6/1/07) – The results are in from the More Beer Competition and I did NOT place in the Stainless Brewer Competition. Still waiting some clarification from More Beer on how they were judging this one.

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