Dance of the Seven Ales

What the hell is the Dance of the Seven Ales!? It had to be one of the most unorganized-zany-fun-stoopid-cool-off-centered Dogfish Head / Grey Lodge Pub events that exist. I have never been to the Grey Lodge Pub before but have heard good things, and as you know I am a huge Dogfish Head fan – so it seemed like a good idea to check it out.

So, Robert and I went to check it out, this is how it was billed: “Dogfish Head Dance of the 7 Ales with Sam Caligione. The Grey Lodge Pub and Dogfish Head will present Dance of the 7 Ales. Separately Dogfish Head and The Grey Lodge Pub are known for crazy (OK “stupid” might be more accurate) ideas and events, so a combined event should be extra “stupid”.

There will be 7 dances, on video, to go with each beer. And patrons are invited to create their own interpretative dance (costumes are a bonus) for a Dogfish ale or ales of their choice (bring your own music). There will be prizes for the most creative dances.

And of course there will be amazing 7 Dogfish Head ales on hand, some super rare, some less so but great nonetheless. Dogfish Head ales have been known to be effective in the aiding of dancing.

Sam will be bringing Dogfish’s Hoppy the Clown dart board game. Clowns are scary, but this seems to be OK; we can throw darts at the clown. For some of the time, Scoats will likely be wearing an old mummers costume, which was fun for everyone but him last Groundhog Day. Most likely there will be additional idiocy as well.”

Of course they had great Dogfish Head beers available: Black & Blue, Festina Peche, Fort, Raison d’Etre, 90 Minute IPA, 60 Minute IPA, Red & White, and World Wide Stout. I believe the beer rotation went R&W, Festina Peche, WWS, B&B, Raison, and then a 60 Minute. The WWS was priced basically at store price and the B&B was $20 a bottle, not a cheap night to say the least. Basically the idea was that they paired YouTube videos with the different beers. So essentially everyone gathered around a computer screen to watch the videos. The funny thing is, that is exactly what Robert and I were doing before we left – Pickle Surprise!

Later, Mitchell came up. We played many a round of Cricket. The Grey Lodge had a dope score board called the DartMaster III. After abusing the Grey Lodge for several hours we wound up at Kildaire’s Irish Pub for a while. Drank some more, ate (sliders, nice), and played more Cricket. It was a good long night, things got started about 6PM and I got home around 2:30AM. It’s going to be a long day at work. Check out some of the pictures above.

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    NICE!! Jealous!!

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