BeerAdvocate Magazine Issue #6

Just finished the June issue of BeerAdvocate Magazine, ‘The Travel Issue’. Seems like these are becoming quicker reads or something, I finished this one on two lunch breaks, cover-to-cover (well, except for every sentence in the reviews area.)bamag6.jpg

 The issue per usual was good, but not quite as fresh feeling as some of the earlier issues. It felt as if they almost pieced some stuff together to call it the ‘Travel Issue’ without writing much about traveling for beer or beer meccas or any of that jazz. The issue started with a Top 50 list from Jason & Todd that really didn’t make 100% sense and then when they were questioned about it on line they basically said ‘deal with it for what it is’. Not really a cool attitude for a list that obviously was missing some of the Top 50 American Breweries. Drew lost me a little on his homebrewing article. He was talking about how aromas and scents are important, and then rounds things off with a ‘soapy’ sounding homebrew recipe for  a jasmine-orange ale. 9Steps to Beerdom once again was my favorite, this time with Mike Stevens from Founders Brewing – blazin’ beers! The next article that is worth mentioning is actually one of the few traveling-type articles in the magazine with ‘Nine Great Beer Towns You Didn’t Know Were Great Beer Towns’. Easton, PA & Frederick, MD both made the cut and both are about two hours from here. OK, Easton has Weyerbacher, worth the trip at least once. Frederick has two brewpubs and a brewery nearby, maybe worth another trip back. Ten pages of beer reviews again left me feeling thirsty and empty at the same time, that’s a lot of space to give to reviews . . . Nice little article on beer bread followed too, from a very simple recipe to ones that are a little bit more intensive, but none that are overly complicated. And I must say one of my other typically favorite articles ‘Last Call’ was pure shite! The writer called it ‘Ranter’s Block’ and talked about how peachy the beer world is for him, must freakin’ be nice you lucky bastard, enjoy! Anyway, still a great magazine, probably not there best issue, but still already anticipating next months issue.

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