The Kinda Blue Band

On Friday the 13th a bunch of us went out to Rox’s Bar in Marshallton, DE to see our buddy’s band play, The Kinda Blue Band. I have never been to this place before nor have I even heard of it, so my expectations of what the evening were going to bring were all over the place.


The night actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Above is Dave Carson on bongos, Glenn Wiltsee on bass, and John Zdimal on guitar. This is the band that played our wedding for anybody who was there and remembers these guys. This was a new venue for these guys to play and it seemed as if both the band and the owner of the bar thought things went well. The band karen-heather-jody.jpgwas asked to come back already, but there is not set date yet. The guys also added some new songs to the mix, I’m sure I didn’t pick up on all of them but there was definitely some Bob Marley thrown into the mix. As the night progressed and the libations continued to flow the girls started to really to have fun. I’m including what I think is a good picture and hopefully it won’t embarrass anyone.

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