Harry Potter Book 7 Speculations

OK, two quick things: – 1 – I know this isn’t a beery kind of post, but it is about one of my favorite book series, so deal with it. And – 2 – PLEASE, if you read this post after Harry Potter 7 comes out and especially if you have finished it, PLEASE do not post spoilers in the comments section. Karen and I read the HP books slowly because we read them the way we feel they were supposed to be read, out loud to each other. So it takes us much longer to finish the books then most people. I will be VERY disappointed if someone who knows me ruins the true ending of this series for me. You have been warned.


NOW, onto the meat. I am going to try and organize my thoughts a little bit so it doesn’t seem to sporadic, but this is the kind of thing where one thought tends to lead into another. To anyone who has not read books 1-6 (especially book 6) there are spoilers below, read at your own risk.

  • OK, the big one, we’re all thinking it – Is Harry Potter going to die? And I think, YES. I think Harry HAS to die in order for Voldemort to die and I don’t think JKR will leave us in a world where good has not triumphed over evil.
  • Who else is going to die? Well, I say not Ron and Hermione, I think they are our happy ending. I say probably Lupin (possibly protecting Tonks), most likely Snape (Harry will be involved one way or another), possibly Neville (the other ‘Non-Chosen One’?), and maybe and unfortunately Hagrid. And Ginny I’m not sure about. I don’t think she’ll die, but I think some how she will be involved very closely to Harry’s death – like, I’m not sure, Harry sacrifices himself to save Ginny from Voldemort thus protecting Ginny with the ‘love is greater then magic’ protection and sacrificing himself at the same time which I think must happen. Plus, by killing Harry it is a way for JKR to say good-bye to the series too, and it’ll help thwart others from writing unofficial HP books (like Star Wars and such).
  • Is Sirius Black going to be back (is he really dead)? Oh, he’ll be back! They NEVER explained his death well enough for me to be satisfied. I’ll actually be annoyed if he doesn’t come back. I’m thinking his first appearance will be via the two-way-magic mirror he gave Harry and he’ll be all Superman II style with General Zod and company trapped behind that crazy-glass-looking-portal thing (Phantom Zone). Did anyone follow that? And I think he’ll make a true appearance and kick-ass, haven’t decided if I think he is going to die (again/for real) or if he will be acquitted of all of the wrong charges and welcomed back into the wizarding world though he will never truly fit in again. Maybe he’ll fly off into the sunset with Buckbeak or Norbert the dragon (yes, I think he will be back and I think it was obvious.)
  • What about Snape? Where to begin . . . Is Snape a good guy or a bad guy? I thin Snape is a good guy, ‘Dumbledore’s man through and through’ as someone else says about Harry. I think Snape’s story is very rich and purposefully misleading. I’m not sure if he ever was a Death Eater, or actually a spy/double agent for Voldemort. But I do think that whatever he did/said to prove his loyalty to Dumbledore was true. I’m pretty sure we’ll find out what this even was, but by the time Harry or even us readers find out, it may be too late for Snape – he is going to die. But I also think he will turn on the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters in the zero hour. Check out his name Severus Snape – sounds oddly like ‘sever a snake’ doesn’t it? I think said snake could be physical or metaphorical, but I think Snape is a controlled bad-ass, “Don’t tread on me!” OK, What happened between Snape and Dumbledore when Snape killed him? I’m not sure. I don’t really think it was prearranged. I think it was more along the lines of Dumbledore knew Draco didn’t have the balls to kill him, and he also knew about the Unbreakable Vow, and he also had a feeling Snape was a very important player in the game that laid ahead, and possibly the potion Dumbledore had to drink may have really weakened him or shown him something horrible – but anyway, I think it was more along the lines of Dumbledore sacrificing himself to save Snape. Dumbledore seeing that Snape had a larger role still left to play than himself in this adventure.
  • Who/what is R.A.B.? Well, I think the obvious choice and the choice that JKR wants us to guess is Regulus Black, Sirius’ brother. I’m not sure about that JKR is the kind of author that likes to spill the beans about big developments, and that just seems way to easy. The only advantage to it being Regulus is that it brings us closer to a Sirius connection. I’m thinking that it stands for a group of people, like the D.A. – Dumbledore’s Army. I have no idea what it means, but my guess is Snape was a part of it. He appears to be close to Voldemort and knows enough about potions that he could have helped pull it off. Oh, a little off subject, yes I think we will see Dumbledore’s Army again.
  • Is Dumbledore dead? Dead as a doornail. BUT I know we are still going to get more Dumbledore action. At the least in the form of advise (ala Obi Wan Kanobi) from his portrait in the head masters office. So we will still get Dumbledore advise in this book, but not Dumbledore’s physical help. Not sure how this ties in, but I think Faux the Pheonix will have some sort of reappearance, maybe able to fight for Dumbledore, or maybe not.
  • Was Dumbledore right in his guesses on what the 7 Horcruxes were? And will Harry and crew find them all? I’ll start with the second question, yes Harry and company will find and destroy all 7 Horcruxes. Why am I so sure? Again, because I don’t think JKR will leave us in a world where evil triumphs or with a huge open ending like that (for example they find 6 and smite Voldemort so physically he is gone (again) but spiritually 1/7th of him still lives – not going to happen.) No, I don’t think Dumbledore was right, but I think he was close. Obviously Tom Riddle’s diary (1), Marvolo’s ring (2) and Voldemort himself (7) are 3 of the 4 Horcruxes. But I think Voldemort DID plant a Horcrux in an object from each house. Slytherin’s locket (3), Hufflepuff’s cup(4), something from Ravenclaw (5), and something from Gryffindor (6) – and not Nagini the snake.
  • So what are the two objects from Ravenclaw and Gryffindor? I don’t have an answer for Ravenclaw, but I’d bet it is something that has already been mentioned in one of the other 6 books. And Gryffindor . . . (this is my BIG revelation where either I’m a genius or an idiot), I think Harry is the heir to Gryffindor and the Horcrux is in him!! I think the Gryffindor family heritage line was hidden at some point for some reason (think The DaVinci Code) and it was never revealed to Harry that he is the heir to Gryffindor. And I think when Harry’s mother sacrificed herself to save Harry (again, the whole love is more powerful than magic thing) somehow at that moment and with Voldemort already planning on killing Harry and using his death to form his 6th Horcrux, things got turned-around somehow and the Horcrux became part of Harry. Think about it, the ultimate sacrifice, in order for Voldemort to die Harry MUST die because a piece of Voldemort is in Harry! To me, it really just makes sense. Plus two other notes that ring along these lines (some how) is the fact that everyone keeps mentioning how much Harry’s eyes look like his mothers (this will mean something) and the fact that Voldemort used Harry’s own blood to resurrect his physical body will be a weakness or a strength in all of this. I’m not sure how these two tie in yet, but mark my words – important.
  • Where is Book 7 going to start? I hope with the story of Draco and Snape and what happened with them right after everything hit the fan. Another good start would be Bill and Fleur’s wedding which will be a wizarding galla-event (will Percy be there? will Percy come back to join the Weasley’s good side? I bet Victor Krum could be there or at least in book 7). But I think we’ll start at Privot Drive once more just to show that Harry was there and that the magic put on the house until Harry is an adult is still working? Speaking of Privot Drive, remember in book 5 I think when Aunt Petunia got a howler sent to her via owl? Something along the lines of remember your promise? Well, I don’t think she is a witch or anything, but I am still waiting for her or Uncle Vernon to accidentally use magic or something along those lines some how.


Finally, I am fully ready for this HP book to be the greatest adventure yet, so get ready to buckle-up! We’re going to have the three amigos in search of the pieces to solve the puzzle to the greatest threat to the wizarding world with a climax that will be awesome! I just know it. Enjoy the two pictures of the cover and the special edition cover. You can click on them to enlarge them. Oh, hopefully I covered most of what I wanted to say, but if I think of something else (I had scribbled notes and lost them) I’ll post them here too.

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  1. Richard Says:

    I have to say that the Harry being a Horcrux theory is absolutely brilliant. Best HP theory I have ever heard.

    I do think that Sirius is as you said regarding Dumbeldore “dead as a doornail”.

    Also with you on Severus, saves me having to write it down.

    I thought it interesting in the Order of the Phoenix movie that they never referred to Regulus during the tapestry scene, makes me wonder if it is not as important as we think, or maybe just chalk it up to one of the million “important” things that they cut out.

  2. Garrett Says:

    Dude. Harry as a horcrux. I’m floored. I have all-over chills. You might have nailed it.

    (drops to knees and bows repeatedly).

    Never in a million years would I have thought of that.

  3. Mom Moore Says:

    I agree with many ideas that have been postulated but remember, there is a great deal of mythology, world wide critters like the Phoenix that have retained their original functions. So, I think Rowlings has shown a tendency towards using a myth based idea.

    Harry dieing?

    I think he will be willing to die, to sacrifice, like his parents for the greater good. BUT, here comes the Phoenix…remember the healing tears? Possible need for ashes and a Phoenix rising scene, could Hogwarts burn?? I think Harry’s “dieing” may be the removal of his magic but the “resurrection” of his physical form. Is it possible that Harry has a horecrux of his soul that was hidden by Dumbledore with the Durdsleys? Is Aunt Petunia a squib, non-magical, but certainly in contact with that community at one point until she was “tested” and found only to be a squib? How much information do we have about “squib-ism”? Also, Rowlings is a mother and was a mother when she imagined the ending…would she kill really kill the hero??


    Dumbledore is the elder parent.grandparent figure that could die without too much worry. He and Snape, I believe had an “unbreakable vow” between them. For Snape to follow Dumbledore’s directive, even unto death. Dumbledore stays dead so that the dead is forever thing is out there without “children” thinking you only need magic to revive. I like the Dumbledore advice but think instead it comes in a form we haven’t seen yet, such as advice that was magically “pre-recorded” to give to Harry, from Snape, which makes Harry suspicious of the advice…especially if it says to “trust Snape with your life, like I did, Harry”.

    Is a good guy with a nasty attitude. He is deeply undercover and will die due to his unbreakable vow. He will be honored rather than dishonored in an ending scene where all the fallen heroes are euligized. He is Dubledore’s man.

    I’ve tohought for sometime that Sirius is returning but…I had thought about all the ghosts that have played such a part in Hogwarts. and in the movies…also, the ghosts were imagined before the characters when Rowlings was still teaching in Spain. Will Sirius become a ghost- teacher like they’ve already shown you can be…the old professor who teaches History??? The idea of god-father is a lovely play on words to be part from the “god” world of the dead and part from the present world of “fathers”. Get it??

    Dragon fan here! I have known, or believed, since his quick introduction and equally rapid exit, as well as the Charlie Weasly connection to Norbert ,that he will be back, one because why else was he introduced? and two look at the dulux cover, arent’t they on a dragon?? Norbert will be the Buckbeak of this book.

    Faithful, usually a bit afraid, but …if by chance Rowlings really kills Harry, Ron is the Horatio to Harry’s Hamlet. You have to have the student/soldier left to lead the army (DA) and the Student (Herminone) to be the brains.

    Remember, Herminone is the character that Rowlings identifies herself with! So…how about Herminones obsession with SPEW isn’t her care of the house elves similar to Hagrid’s care for giants? Herminone also has always been shown to be a much better wizard, spell do-er, than any other character. How will this work out?
    Surely there are all sorts of protection spells that have not been explored.

    Not to be overlooked. Neville and his plants will play an important part. The one he had on the train, the pustulated cactus which in book 5 also became the pass word? There are qualities of that plant that were never explained except to say it had never grown in the area of Hogworts and an uncle got it specially for Neville…therefore, Voldemort would have no expectation of it.

    Evil has to lose, but how much good goes down with him? How does he lose. Must say, I’m impressed with Brian’s Harry is a horecrux theory. I had postulated the idea that the 7th Horecrux is in the amulet that Harry wears around his neck on cover #7. so if Voldemort kills Harry, he kills himself.
    I have also always thought that the ending could echo the great Indian myth of good and evil. In this myth the good god allows the bad god to become a part of him not knowing what the result will be. The good god has left others who were in the battle instructions to continue the battle against evil even if he is the “new enemy”. Using this “absorbtion” theory, Harry taunts Voldemort to “come and get him” at the arenea battle for the fate of the whole magical power, battle of the Champions, .
    Also, do no overlook the magic wand, Phoenix feather, connection that has been spoken about when the wand was first chosen by Harry (remember it is Faux phoenix feather that both Harry and Voldemort have) Remember how the wands worked differently against each other. Surely we’re gong to hear something about magic from the same source cannot destroy each other, rather like magnetic attraction and repelling.

    Like the ideas of defending Ginny out of love. Ginny will not die. Ron will not die. Bill Weasley may die, or chose to die since he was bitten by the werewolf. Bill and Lupin may become some sort of new allies.

    My personal favorite, loyal unto death. He may die like a giantic hero of ancient times aka Achilles battle of Troy. His may be the great funeral at the end,rather an afterword idea, maybe even Viking like flown to the mountains to be buried with his giant family, on the back of Buckbeak.

    The ending
    Great areana battle with evil guys, werewolves,deatheaters, etc.
    Holding back the forces of the good guys, the DA is the new Order of the Phoenix, the rebirth of the order so to speak, since many of them are the sons and daughters of the original order which banned together to thwart Voldemort in the first time around.
    Harry, as I said alive but maybe not magical, not sure about that part but it does allow the story to end…at least the Harry Potter series and to make room for the Order of the Phoenix series to start with who is the new evil…???

    Just some thoughts…but always remembering that Rowlings was a teacher and mother when originally planning this. Would she kill her child? Harry??? or would she give him what he wants most in life? Love, a family and not being stared at by people, not being the One.
    Hogwarts is Harry’s family home.
    P.S. Neville becomes a teacher at Hogwarts with Professor Sprout and maybe Harry gets the possition of Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher???

  4. Brian Says:

    Geez, Mom, do you actually have an opinion on anything about book 7!? (Just kidding).

    Thanks for all the insight, I think you have some good insight and valid points there.

  5. Garrett Says:

    Thinking about Mom Moore’s comments about Dumbledore – he was very diligent with his pensieve usage. I wonder if Harry will spend more time fussing around in Dumbledore’s memories and find the recorded message like she suspects. Since Harry already has some experience with “altered” memories, he’d be likely to spot a fake… so if he actually sees much of the Dumbledore / Snape history in the pensieve, he’s got little cause to doubt it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how much time Harry spends plumbing those depths.

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