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OK, we finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last Saturday, so it is now legal to talk to us about the book. Thanks to all for not ruining anything, I’m sure none of you would have done it on purpose. Our media black-out was a success for the week.


I have decided that not only do I have something to say about this book, but many of you probably do too and may not have a sounding-off point. So, I am going to open the ‘comments’ section of this post to let anyone who wants to give there opinion of the book and see if any discussion starts. *****SPOILER WARNING***** to anyone who has not read HP book 7 (or possibly book 6 also if you are the type that has only watched the movies)! Only click on the comments section if you are fully aware that there will be major plot spoiler information contained within. Remember, you have been warned, don’t blame me when you decide to look anyway.

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  1. Brian Says:

    First I want to address my original post before I talk about the book in any other respect. Basically I’m going to go through my speculations and review how well or poorly I guessed. “Is Harry Potter going to die?” – I think I nailed this one on the head, but didn’t follow through on the closure of the thought. I could have guessed there was going to be a resurection-type scene in the book, but never stated it, so I didn’t exactly guess that right, but I will say I wasn’t wrong.
    “Who else is going to die?” – Well, I was right about Ron, Hermione, Lupin, and Snape. Obviously I was off on Ginny, and I must add I was quite surprised how small of a role she did play in this book after she has been built up through out the whole series.
    “Is Sirius Black going to be back (is he really dead)?” – OUCH! Was I ever wrong on that one. Sure, his ghost sort-of came back with the Resurection Stone, but thatwas not what I was talking about at all. So a big poo to JKR for having Sirius die like a bitch in book 5. BUT, I did call use of the two-way magic mirror, though I was completely wrong on how it would be used.
    “What about Snape?” – I was close. Snape was a good guy, a pissed off good guy, but good all the same. I almost guessed we would have found out why Dumbledore trusted him through a memory in the pensive, but I would have guessed through Dumbledore’s memory not Snape’s. That was actually a really cool scene in the book in my opinion. And I was also sort of right on the death of Dumbledore. I said it wasn’t prearranged and it kind of was, but the rest of what I said was sort of right. Snape, very complex, great character, always has been.
    “Who/what is R.A.B.?” – Well, I guess she went the obvious route, but with a twist. I don’t think anyone could have called the Kreacher connection. Also, knew Dumbledore’s Army would be back.
    “Is Dumbledore dead?” – Well, got the dead part right, but the advice from the portrait wrong. Interesting scene in the book after Harry’s “death” in King’s Cross Station in Harry’s head. No real Faux the Pheonix action either, I guess when he flew away at the end of book 6 that was it.
    “Was Dumbledore right in his guesses on what the 7 Horcruxes were? And will Harry and crew find them all?” – Well, I guess Dumbledore was correct in his guesses, we were never told Nagini was directly a Horcrux, but with the way Voldemort protected her we are lead to beleive so. But, he was also sort of wrong or at least not fully informed in the sense that he didn’t know about the Horcrux in Harry, he just knew about the deep-crazy-intertwined connection between the two of them. And yeah, Harry and company got them all, really not a surprise, they kind of had to, didn’t they?
    “So what are the two objects from Ravenclaw and Gryffindor?” OK, I was stoked when we read the scene when we discovered Harry was a Horcrux! Karen and I stopped reading, high-fived, and then reread the section again. I felt pretty good guessing on of the major plot twists of the book. Obviously I was wrong with him being the heir to Gryffandor, but he was an heir to one of the Deathly Hallow brothers, so I was close, but still wrong. And I’m sure others were aware, but I was right in saying that Harry’s blodd and eyes were important to the story – sweet!
    “Where is Book 7 going to start?” – This was my sloppiest answer, and I was all over the place, but over all was right with the starts – follow up with Snape and Privot Drive. Also, called the Victor Krum thing, though I was expecting more. I guess the promise with Aunt Petunia was just the promise of letting Harry back every Summer to keep the protection magic going. Kind of a weak good-bye with the Dursley’s, but whatever.
    So, that’s it for now, kind of just me reviewing what I had to say before. I will leave more comments later.

  2. Richard Says:

    Hey just a quick question. How come you call Fawkes “Faux”? I have known you to do it several times so I am sure it is not accidental, just thought I was missing an inside joke.

  3. Richard Says:

    BTW great job on the “Harry is a horcrux” theory. As I read the book I became more and more positive that you were right and it killed me the past two weeks not being able to congratulate you. Best theory EVER.

  4. Brian Says:

    Well, I called Fawkes “Faux” because I am lazy and a bad speller (oops). Seriously, I was in such a hurry to type out the original theories that I went with what I thought I remembered his name was “Faux”. And since I typed it that way once I decided I’d stick to my original spelling of it as not to cause confusion, plus without checking I just assumed I was correct. Oh well. Unfortunately no inside joke.

    Thanks for the Harry is a Horcrux props, I was stoked too!

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