Erik Mitchell and the Band

I know Erik Mitchell and the Band sounds a little awkward, but I know he doesn’t want to be referred to as The Erik Mitchell Band, but I think there should be a designation between Erik Mitchell playing by himself and with the band. Can I say Erik Mitchell any more times?

 Erik Mitchell

View more pictures from these two shows here, including multiple, short, poor quality video with poor quality audio (I’m sure they love this)!

Regardless. Fortunately,  Karen & I have gotten to see Erik Mitchell and the Band play twice in the last three days in Delaware, it doesn’t get any nicer than that! First, we got to go see Erik, Robert, and Corey play over at the Brandywine Zoo in 103F weather. Erik and Robert have played there acoustically a few times this summer already, but this was the first time they were allowed to plug-in, so they did it up and brought Corey down to help rock the animals. It was really a lot of fun hanging at the zoo and watching the band play. But, I will remind everyone that it was 103F on Saturday, so it was very still and very moist fun. I honestly felt kind of bad for the band, the only one that didn’t look like he was going to melt was Corey. After the zoo and a short air conditioning break we all met back up at Mitchell Square Gardens and had some good grub, some good beers, some good company, and some good ol’ cornholin’!

Today at Rockford Park was just as much fun as on Saturday, only a little shorter and a little cooler. Not only that, this time Mitchell was able to muster up John Conahan to come down and sit in on keys with them. John adds a nice dynamic to the flow that these guys kick out and the harmony vocals are typically pretty nice too. Not that he didn’t contribute in a positive fashion this time, but his keys sounded a little “sharp” sometimes tonight. I hope that this four-set looks into playing more shows together because they seem to work together well, some more in Delaware would be especially nice for us locals. It was neat seeing a show at Rockford Park, I didn’t even know they had a summer concert series, go figure. Plus, they open the tower during the performances so we got to climb to the top and check things out, great view of Wilmington all around.

(Plug time) To read and hear more about Erik Mitchell and his band check out some of his websites for all the information you’ll need including set lits, upcoming events, music to listen to, and music to buy.

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  1. Erik Mitchell's Publicist Says:

    For the record: It’s not that my client Erik Mitchell hates being called The Erik Mitchell Band, it’s just that there have got to be more creative names out there. “Erik Mitchell and the Artisinal Ales,” for example. Or “The Socket-F#@%kers.” Perhaps we should organize a band name contest…

  2. Brian Says:

    Dear Mr. Erik Mitchell’s Publicist, after a few days of discussing it with the peanut gallery one or two names have arisen. The follow is just a sampling of the names suggested.

    Either, Erik Mitchell and the . . . or just as it is, here you go:
    100 Year Lie
    100% Cotton
    12 Sided Die
    23 Summers
    Al Dente
    All Else Failed
    Annoying Customer
    Anything Expected
    Armageddon Break
    Better Tomorrow
    Blank Slate
    Blind Faith
    Blue Conch
    Blue No. 3
    Brewer’s Choice
    Broken Chain
    Broken Home
    Brown Water
    Busy Signal
    Callused Heart
    Camel Leopard
    Carpenter’s Son
    Cheese Smokers
    Chewbacca at Home
    Chrome Undertow
    Cider House
    Clean Slate
    Coffin with Cup Holders
    Common Sensuality
    Concrete Schoolyard
    Constant Pressure
    Corporate Nightmare
    Countdown Bounce
    Crypt #678
    Daily Reminder
    Dead Messenger
    Degrees of Success
    Destiny Calls
    Diseased Minds
    Dog Skull
    Earth Magic
    Egg Pie
    Electric Relaxation
    Endlessly Woven
    Evaluated Soul
    Everyman’s Blood
    Faceless Nobody
    Facial Lingerie
    Family Feuds
    Faux Wisdom
    Fire Dreams
    Fool Blown
    Forgotten Language
    Four Winds
    Freckle Face
    Fundamental Elements
    Funny Bone
    Ghost Babies
    Ghost-Man on Third
    Good Times
    Guilty Parties
    Half Fast
    Hero’s Soap
    Hidden Door
    Hippopotamus Sandwich
    Human Kindness
    Humble Mumble
    Humble Patience
    Hunting Robért
    I Myself
    If Then
    Illegal Search
    Illusionary Progression
    Imaginary Cancer
    Imagine This
    In 100 Years
    Just Another Number
    Kettle Whistle
    Late Fee
    Lies Exposed
    Liquid You
    Live Wire
    Living Promise
    Long Shot
    Lost Ark
    Lost Dog
    Lost Traditions
    Loudest Silence
    Mass Appeal
    Micro Stars
    Mind Scat
    Mind Terrorist
    Mind’s Forrest
    Misrepresented Name-Brands
    Missing Page
    Missing Piece
    Monkey Brains
    Morning Girl
    Mountain Strategies
    Muffled Growth
    National Wiffleball League
    Never Complete
    Nomad Vagabond
    Not Eye Candy
    Not Your Name
    Nothing Known
    Nothing Matters
    Nothing Works
    Obstacles Attract
    One Step Sideways
    Only Dog
    Opaque Transparency
    Open Letter
    Open Mike
    Paper Cut
    Pins & Needles
    Plain White T-Shirt
    Planted Seed
    Playground Tactics
    Point of View
    Power Move
    Push Yourself
    Ready or Not
    Red Light
    Red Star
    Regaining Innocence
    Retractable Fever
    Reversible Slacks
    Rewind Myself
    Robby D. Group
    Rule #7
    Sacred Harmonics
    Second Chance
    See Yourself
    Self Test
    Seven Sins
    Shake Well
    Short Circuit
    Shuffled Sandwich
    Sidewalk’s End
    Signs of Distress
    Simple Riddle
    Skeleton Key
    Soul Shot
    Spherical Perfection
    Spittin’ Flames
    Stationary Dreams
    Steppin’ Stones
    Stolen Shadow
    Strawberry Sunshine
    Sun Spot
    Syntax Error
    Tabula Rasa
    Taken Blows
    The Game
    The Odd Fellows
    The Project
    The White Boy’s Burden
    Thunder Hawk
    Too Much Eye Makeup
    Twist of Fate
    Under Pressure
    Unexpected Arrival
    Unnatural Instincts
    Unplayed Game
    Vertical Infusion
    Visiting Nancy
    Wake Up
    Walk Alone
    Warrior Sound
    Wash Me
    Welcomed Riot
    Wild Child
    Wind Below
    Wooden Nickel
    Working Hands
    Wyld Stallyons
    Your Brother’s Band

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