Split Rock Homebrew Competition

Today was the Split Rock Homebrew Competition at Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, PA (Poconos) at the 16th Annual Great Brews of America Classic Beer Festival.


I had entered four beers earlier this week in this competition.  It was a little spurt of the moment timing and coming right off the heels of HOPS BOPS, but I decided to enter anyway. I entered the 2005 MacRae in the 9E-Scotch Ale category, the ABA Grand Experiment in the 10C-American Brown Ale category, the Gnarleywine in the 19C-American Barleywine category, and the Hazelnut Brown in the 23A-Specialty Beer category. I was just clicking-around and decided to see if the results were posted yet assuming they were not, and guess what? They were. Looks like I faired pretty well with the ABA placing 2nd at the American Ales table and the Hazelnut Brown placing 3rd at the Specialty/Spice table. You can see all the results here. I am pleased with these results. Not that I thought the two beers that didn’t place were not good, I just felt that the two beers that did place were the stronger of the four. I’ll post more after I receive the score sheets.

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  1. First State Brewers Blog » Blog Archive » Split Rock Says:

    […] friend Brian and I got 2nd Place in American Brown Ale Category for the brown ale we brewed 20 gallons of some months back. I thought it was a very well formulated […]

  2. David Says:

    Nice Bri. Glad you entered. I like the consistent winning (this is also a test comment for notification)

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