Unceremoniously 100th Beer

So I was thinking the other day, I wonder how many batches of beer I have brewed and when will I brew my 100th batch so I can do something big and special?

 100+ Fool Circle Beers

Well, it looks like I have brewed 101 batches of beer with brewing my 100th batch in October of 2007. Very unceremoniously, oh well. But the cool thing is I wanted to do something bigger than normal and something a little special. Well, for me an Imperial Stout falls right into that category, definitely bigger than normal and special in the sense of it’s not a beer you typically get to make (my third attempt, but really my first true Imperial Stout if you feel me).

So I guess I’m going to break these down into some stupid stats and see how things look:

  • Total number of different beverages made:  114
  • Total number of beers brewed: 101
  • Total number of different styles: 41 (I think 😉 )
  • Year with the most number of beers brewed: 2001 & 2007 – 16 beers each
  • Year with the least number of beers brewed: 1999 – 2 beers
  • Beer repeated the most number of times: MacRae Scottish Ale
  • My 5 favorite beers, in no particular order, and subject to change: MacRae Scottish Ale, Hogshead Porter, E.C.P.A., Pliny the Elder Clone, ABA Grand Experiment
  • My 5 least favorite beers, in no particular order, and subject to change: Banana Spice Ale, Chocolate Covered Cherries Porter, Organic Barley Brew, All Malt Ale, Old Macungie Bear Swamp
  • My 5 beers I may consider revisiting and trying again, in no particular order, and subject to change: Opaque Espresso Stout, Chamomile Brown Ale, New Year’s Eve Bourbon Stout, Moore’s Light, Union
  • Most award winning beers: E.C.P.A. II and the original Red Card Ale both have received 5+ awards.

Honestly, I would love some feedback, especially from you fools who have been drinking my beer for the past 100+ batches (thanks you idiots)! What were some of your favorites, least favorites, what would you like me to try again, what haven’t I done that you’d be interested in seeing me do? I’m interested in your comments. Thanks to all who have enjoyed the ride with me.

6 Responses to “Unceremoniously 100th Beer”

  1. Garrett Says:

    Heh. Same thing apparently happened to me 2 beers ago – I just checked, and my 100th batch was the 15 gallons of Choking Sun back on Sept 16th. I had absolutely no idea.

    This year has been my slowest brewing year… 16 batches, but totalling 170 gallons so far.

  2. todd Says:

    fav’s in no order – angler amber, lime lager, hogs head, hoppy session, espresso stout
    least liked – banana spice, berry berry

    thank you for providing us all with a different view of beer. your crazy creations have
    tickled our taste buds good and bad, mainly good for years now.
    thanks biggy

  3. Brian Says:

    Hey Todd good to see you on here! I could have guesses the Angler and Lime lager would have been two of your favorites. I think it’s funny we both poo-pooed the Banana Spice and it was brewed on a random request by you for your birthday, we’re so weird.

    No, thank you, and you’re quite welcome.

  4. todd Says:

    We’re so gay…

  5. David Says:

    Ok – I wanted to respond when this was first posted.

    Fav’s in no order – MacRae , Burbon Stout, ECPA (I got a bitchin’ special bottle editon of this!), Red card, Honey Pale Ale – honorable mention – Liberty Ale

    Least – in no order – Smurf berry (ass kickn’ label, not so much on the taste). The Macungie ones were rough especially the Bear Swamp, Rauchbier, Hibernation ale after “aging”

  6. Brian Says:

    Curious, which Bourbon Stout? The NYE Bourbon Stout (2001) or the Oatmeal Bourbon Stout( 2007)? Yeah I should have you take a picture of that ECPA bottle and I can post it under the brews infor, that thing was sweet.

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