Beers from WA

So my friend Robert just went out to WA state for a week and I asked him to bring me back some beers, and some beers I do have!

 WA Beers

Originally I was just gonna give him like $40 bucks and say do the best you can, but then I was contacted by a fellow BA in WA who was willing to set-up a trade for some MId-Atlantic beers for some North-West beers. So essentially Robert became my beer mule, who was of course paid in beer up front and the promise to sample beers from WA in the future. This is what I sent out:  (2) 22oz. Legacy – Hoptimus Prime, (1) 22oz. Weyerbacher – Insanity, (4) 12oz. Troegs – Nugget Nectar, (1) 12oz. Weyerbacher – Double Simcoe IPA. This was partially based on what the other BA was interested in, what I had time to accumulate, and what Robert was able to actually carry volume-wise in his suitcase. In return I receive: (2) 12oz. Mad River Brewing Co. – John Barley Corn Barleywine 2007, (1) 22oz. Big Time Brewing Co. – Old Wooly Barleywine Ale, (1) 22oz. Full Sail – Top Sail Imperial Porter Bourbon Barrel Aged, (1) 22oz. Fish Brewing Co. – Old Woody English Old Ale, and (1) 22oz. Deschutes Brewery – The Abyss 2006 Reserve – Aged in Oak Barrels. – WOW!

I feel like we both received beers we may have never had, but I KNOW I received some gems from this guy. According to Robert, the guy basically walked him down into his cellar and was like “what do you want?” Of course he wasn’t ready for that, and didn’t know what half of these North-West beers were, so the other BA basically over compensated and threw a bunch of great beers at him. The only beer we really had set up as part of the deal was The Abyss, but it was suppose to be a 2007 and he accidentally gave me a 2006 – pretty cool as long as it has been cellared properly. I’ve already been back in contact with the guy thanking him, and got his address. I hope to be able to consistently set-up trades with him, say every other month, that would be sweet.

Also, Robert brought back (2) jellies for Karen and me to try, a Cabernet wine jelly and a Beer jelly from a company called Mick’s. I went to there website and it looks like they make a bunch of crazy jellies. Both the wine and beer jelly are dope. They used a stout (surprise to me) for the beer jelly, and it adds much more diversity to it. I would say check these guys out if you want to try something different and good.

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