Amber Ale

So I brewed an Amber Ale on Monday (04.14.08). This was my first full weekday night brew and I think it went OK.

Amber Ale

For this beer I used the same WLP060 yeast as I did from the Fool’s Gold beer, then after this beer I am going to flip it into a Porter. It was a little weird brewing at night, especially a night I knew I couldn’t sleep in the next day. Everything went relatively smoothly, so that’s good, but I did hit a wall around 10:30PM or so that I was really ready to be done, and I still had an hour and a half left of work. If I continue to do night brews I’m going to want to invest in two things; a light for the outside area I brew in (right now I am using the interior light and a flashlight) and a screen door flap to help keep the critters out but to allow me easy access to outside. I think for me the biggest benefit was using time that normally wouldn’t have been used for anything special and doing something special with it and at the same time freeing up valuable weekend hours that would have been spent brewing. I actually would consider brewing on a more regular basis during weekday nights, but I think Wednesday may work better with my “normal” weekly activities. Maybe this will be a way that I can brew more than I have been. Well, I do have five full carboys right now with at least 20 more gallons lined up. And that’s a good thing considering all the homebrew I have left right now is Imperial Stout (Vader) and Cider basically.

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