So I went to go check on my Wheat beers today, and everything is looking good.

Wheat 1

Both of these carboys are just chugging away right now, which is always a happy sight. It’s that time of the year too where it is very easy to keep a nice low constant fermentation temperature. I think these guys were at 64F and looking just fine. I’ve actually been thinking about what to brew after these beers, theoretically with this yeast. Since I should have two healthy yeast cakes that screams two healthy batches to me. I’m thinking one Porter definitely (I know Summer’s coming, not typically Porter time) and one something else, maybe a dark hoppy thing. Why two dark beers? Well, I have a bunch of darker specialty grains I’m trying to run through before I order any more. You know how it is, use up the old stock before you re-stock.

Wheat 2

Here’s another fun picture. This is what my basement looks like right now. Two beers being carbonated in kegs, one beer in extended secondary, two beers just recently in secondary, and two beers freshly in primary – makes me happy. I am a simple man.

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  1. Garrett Says:

    My fermentations are winding down – Of course they fermented around 72 degrees (I didn’t even try to control the temperature, so long as it didn’t exceed 73). This is gonna be a good beer – I can just feel it.

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