Draw Yourself as a Teen

This isn’t my normal kind of thing, but it grabbed my attention all the same, and well…yeah.

Bri 3 of Them

Anyway, I was directed to this website and read the challenge: draw yourself as a teen. I’m not claiming to be a great drawer by any means, but I like to draw and used to do it all the time. I flipped through a couple people’s links (there are over 350 of them as of now) and laughed (in a good way) at what I saw and thought ‘I can do that.’ So I thought back to being a teen and all the different levels of Bri-Bri there were, so I kind of chose the book-end teen years (13 & 18) and now (30). Hopefully you guys will get a giggle out of this and maybe even someone else will give it ago.

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