Mo’ Keg Biz

Ugh, you shouldn’t always trust what you’re told, or you don’t always get what you don’t pay for, or something…

 Mo’ Keg Biz

I sort of suppose they delivered as promised, but next time I’d rather trust myself than trust someone else. Homebrewing is not a hobby for the person who is impatient, like I am sometimes. So I got these 4 “rebuilt” kegs from MoreBeer the other day that were supposed to be cleaned inside and out and have the gaskets replaced. So in my opinion these should be ready to be sanitized and filled. Well, for an extra $30 dollars I’m not sure I was given the lack of work and piece of mind I was looking for. The first keg I opened smelt rank and had mildew along the bottom and the second keg’s pressure release valve wouldn’t continuously hold pressure. And I thought I was going to keg tonight. I was planning on cleaning (for good measure) and sanitizing the kegs prior to first use, but after those discoveries I had to do what I had to do. I was going to take apart and clean all the pieces well at that point, and then discovered I needed yet another deep socket, great… I have a 7/8 and a 3/4 which are both too big for this particular keg. Now it looks like I’ll need an 11/16 too. Anyway, I have two “clean” and “sanitized” kegs downstairs (about three hours worth of work anyway, ugh) ready to keg tomorrow. I know I am gambling a little and maybe I’ll have better vision tomorrow, but as of now I’m a little pissy. Plus I definitely want to clean-up the outsides, these 4 kegs are twice as bad as the original 4 I bought, and it makes me feel a little dirty using them. I hate this kind of dumb shit…

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  1. David Says:

    Dude – that sucks

  2. Garrett Says:

    I know your first rebuilding effort was a nightmare – But you took 4 on simultaneously. Guarenteed it is less painful the second time, and you have piece of mind that it was done right and the kegs are clean.

    Give the outside a quick scrub with some PBW. You’ll feel better about using them, and people will feel better about drinking out of them 😉

    You’ve definitely sold me on the “Used” option of “rebuilt” if I ever source more new kegs from Morebeer… but since I’ve got 12+ at this point, I’m probably good 😉


  3. Brian Says:

    One thing I typically do not give myself enough of and always need more of with homebrewing is time.

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