Hip Hop BIF – Outgoing

So I pulled out the beers I’ve put together for the Hip Hop BIF, and there will be a nice outgoing package.

Hip Hop BIF - Outgoing

I’m a little hesitant about posting this just in case someone reads my sight and it “ruins” their surprise, but I guess if I don’t say where it is going it should really only raise the anticipation level. Actually, no one reads this thing anyway, so what the hell. These are the beers I’m sending out, I’ll list them below:

Legacy – Hoptimus Prime – 22oz
Sly Fox – Odyssey (2006) – 22oz
Victory – HopDevil – 12oz
Victory – Hop Wallop – 12oz
Dogfish Head (DFH) – 90 Minute IPA – 12oz
DFH – Burton Baton – 12oz
DFH – Old School Barleywine – 12oz
Weyerbacher – Hops Infusion – 12oz
Weyerbacher – Double Simcoe IPA – 12oz
Weyerbacher – Eleven (2006) – 12oz
Clipper City – Heavy Seas, Loose Cannon, Hop3 Ale – 12oz
Southampton – IPA – 12oz
Troegs – Nugget Nectar – 12oz
Sierra Nevada – Big Foot Barleywine (2008) – 12oz
Sierra Nevada – Big Foot Barleywine (2006) – 12oz
Stoudt’s – Double IPA – 12oz
Lancaster Brewing Company – Hop Hog – 12oz
Harpoon – 100 Barrel Series Encore Barleywine 2006) – 12oz

That’s 18 yummy beers, not all of them difficult to get, but maybe not common for everyone. Basically I have two choices left to ship to but I still won’t say which, California or Michigan. Also, I of course included some hip-hop tunes. I actually sent 8 CDs, I sent both Pain Relievaz discs burnt onto one CD and I also sent the infamous 7 volume set of Puma Sweats. Puma Sweats is one of the greatest rap mixed CDs of all times spun by my buddy Erik. Hopefully whoever receives it likes old school. Click here for a track listing for Puma Sweats.

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