Time to Keg

So tonight I took the plunge and started to keg with my second batch of kegs.

 Time to Keg

I kegged two beers tonight, the Pacific Gem Pale Ale and the Naked Wheat. The Pacific Gen Pale Ale was brewed with all whole leaf Pacific Gem hops and boy did it smell good! I didn’t even use any dry hops and this thing smelt like hoppy-goodness. The taste wasn’t bad either, but the hop punch was lost in the glass. Also, I kegged the Naked Wheat, this was the “plain” American Wheat Ale that Garrett and I brewed a 20 gallon batch of just over a month ago. The beer tasted very mild, which was fine with me, but was actually very much more clear than I would have expected, go figure. I think the kegging of both went off well, nothing that I can remember that was weird. I will say though that I have to get my technique down better when taking a gravity reading, I am very bad about splashing from keg to hydrometer to keg, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Freyguy Says:

    Whats the tinfoil for? Is that a wendy’s burger sitting on the kegs?

    And I use a wine thief with my hydro in it, and pull a sample from the keg after the transfer so I don’t kick up any yeasties. I make sure it’s all sanitized, then just push the tip on the side of the keg and I think it all goes back in without aerating any. Kinda works, and I can leave a little bit in there to taste. Just gotta watch the hydro doesn’t bust out your front toof.

  2. Brian Says:

    The foil is just there to cover the opening during transfer, don’t want to take any excess risk of stuff falling in there. Or it’s a Wendy’s burger, I forget.

    Good idea about the wine thief, but I’d probably take a sample with the theif, empty it into a graduated cylander, and drink it after the test, but good idea.

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