Chocolate Porter 3

So I transfered the Chocolate Porter off the cacao nibs and vanilla bean the other day.

Chocolate Porter 3

 It was weird, I’m assuming it was the cacao nibs, but there was a brownish film that was left behind on the carboy that was kind of gross. No problems with racking as others have indicated with the nibs. The beer smelt lightly of dessert and tasted more of a dessert (chocolate/vanilla blend). I was pleased with the results of the nibs and bean, more so than the actual underlying beer. If the beer was better/bigger I may have waited longer before racking, but in this instance I think two weeks was fine. Now it is in a third carboy, not really necessary for conditioning I just need to get my kegs in order. I have three beers ready to be kegged and only one keg ready to go. I have another keg that is available but the pressure-release valve is broken, and seems to be a weird size. Dunno … beer!

3 Responses to “Chocolate Porter 3”

  1. David Says:

    mmmm….desert beer…..

  2. Brian Says:

    NO! Not deSert beer, deSSert beer! One of the few words I can remember how to spell that spell-check doesn’t get. Why can I remember that dessert has two S’s and not one? Because you always want seconds of dessert but you’ll only ever want to visit the desert once. Thank you Mrs. Ryan.

  3. David Says:

    totally busted…

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