6th Annual Fool Circle Beer Tasting

This time it was 14 months in between tastings, but we still held the 6th Annual Fool Circle Beer Tasting last Saturday the 3oth of August over Labor Day weekend, and everyone could make it.

6th Annual Fool Circle Beer Tasting

So, this years tasting was later than usual because of the saga of the kegerator. I had eight kegs worth of beer that would normally have been available for the tasting and I was trying to figure out all the logistics of how to do this. In the long run a few of the beers were drunk before the tasting and a few were filled with the Beer Gun. All in all we still had 20 beers (the most yet) to taste so I don’t think anyone was complaining.

This year we did the blind side by side tasting style again, which I think has become the new norm. I also declared right off the bat that I was not aloud to win, even if I got all of them right (which I didn’t), which was last years stipulation. This year we had four vintage brews from 2004-2006 plus the others from late 2007 and early 2008. Some stand-outs that I remember were the Saison, developed beautifully, the ABA, held up great for a great beer, the Vader, awesome, and the Honey Oatmeal Stout, still tasting fresh. A lot of the Ambers, Pale Ales, and Golds got muddled together for me with all of their hop presence being weakened with age.

In the long run the overall break-down went like this: Richard with a big 3 correct, Todd with 5 correct, Dave and Karen with 6, Robert with a huge 10, and Brian (me) with a non-counting 17 out of 20 correct. Richard did well at telling honey from apples from barley, Todd, Dave and Karen all did about the same, Robert did well with 50% correct mostly mixing up the browns with the browns and the pales with the pales, and I got 3 wrong, the Amarillo Amber, the Fool’s Gold, and the Pacific Gem Pale Ale. Robert walked with the big title though and was crowned the Grand Pooh-Bah until next year. He took the trophy base home to get engraved and hold onto, but left the Grand Pooh-Bah glass at my house to drink out of in front of me for the year, thanks sucka!

After the tasting I fired up the grill and got dinner started earlier than last year. This year I kept it simple with burgers, potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, and potato chips – simple summer BBQ style. Before and after dinner we played some Cornhole. Todd got full on food and drank too much and began “rubbing feet” a little early and dipped out around 9ish half asleep. Richard hung a little longer, but unfortunately had to work the next day so he couldn’t stay too long. Karen hung and played Cornhole and stuff until about midnight, but then she wised up and went to bed. But Robert, Dave, and I fool-asses stayed up to almost 3AM bull-shittin’, drinkin’, and getting ate up by mosquitoes. It was great.

If you’d like to check out last years post (2007) feel free to check it out, and that then will direct you to all the other Fool Circle Beer Tastings from the past. Plus if you’d like to see the rest of the pictures from this years tasting I have embedded a slide show below, but it can also take you to the full photo album. I also am going to include some of our more colorful quotes. No offense Dave, but even your good handwriting isn’t good.


  • “That’s fuckin’ with the Monkey”
  • “Don’t use your doctor handwriting”
  • “I got one right Fuck-Face!”
  • “Weigh my balls in it . . . That’s a stout”
  • “I wouldn’t even wait until I was starving to eat someone”
  • “Is there a part of the pig that isn’t delicious?”
  • “That smells whoopity”
  • “Hey, that’s our fucking cheese!”
  • “Gotta love the bottle ass”
  • “Fun-of-a-bitch!”
  • “I’m like Hazel and Gretal in the fucking woods”
  • “Richard pig noise”
  • “Take this cheese from me”
  • “10 is funky, like Bootsy Collins funky”
  • “He could have done it with his ass”
  • “Like it’s the first time I have tasted Richard’s vomit”
  • “You didn’t pick a 19 asshole!”
  • “I don’t want the mayonnaise jar back”
  • “We’re back to pig again…”
  • “I would have sex with this beer”
  • “Richard can tell the difference between apples and beer”
  • “Dude, you don’t have a 19 either!”

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