Dogfish Dash 2008

OK, so I’m a little behind in any new posts, but I am going to try and make that up this week and play a little catch-up.
Dogfish Dash 2008

So last weekend (09.21.08) was the 3rd Annual Dogfish Dash. The Dogfish Dash is a 5k/10k charity run that aids the Delaware Nature Conservancy and is set-up/run-by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Above is the front and back of the shirts that were given out, as far as running shirts go these were pretty cool. Robert and I have run the 10k the last three years, so that’s pretty cool. The first year we both were in no shape to run because of a long night the night before, and the second year we both were in great shape and got to really enjoy the after run festivities back at the brewpub. This year, well, we still haven’t learned our lesson.

So we went down on Saturday so that I could pick up my race packet since I pre-registered and stop by the pub and have a couple beers then call it an earlier night. And, that’s how it started. After we had already left the pub and were waiting for a NIc-o-boli to eat and then head back to the beach house, that’s when things changed. We received a phone call that one of our friends, Steve “the Hammer” and his new wife Monica (congratulations), was having their wedding reception like three blocks from where we were and that we were welcomed to swing by. I’m not going to go into details here, but let’s just say in the long run that heading back at 8PM tuned into 1AM and the additional five hours of drinking in between – long night.

So, the next morning, the morning of the race, came way to early. We were out of the beach house and heading back to Dogfish Head by 7AM. To say I wasn’t feeling well is putting it mildly and was reminded in the car ride over what it was I ate the night before if you catch my drift. After we parked and walked up we had about two minutes before the race started, I decided I was going to go for it anyway. Very slow pace, but I did run the whole 10k without a re-run of the car ride over. The other exciting thing that happened during the run was between like mile 1 and 2 some how a bee hive got disturbed and there were some seriously pissed off bees on the trail. I made it by them OK, but Robert got jacked up! I think the final count was that he got stung 11 times and still had to run 4 miles! No one really knows what happened, but to say he’s a little bee shy now is an understatement.

After the run we went back to the pub and thought about having some breakfast and beers, but between the pain he was in and the state I was in we decided against it. OK, not true, I got one beer, got about three sips in and had to take a fast walk outside and around the corner to find some room to relieve myself of that beer. So we basically left and came home at that point, one of the longest rides home ever, for both of us.

So, on a side note, hopefully some things to look forward to me posting on this week are more kegging, more beer gun information, up coming competitions, new “fermentation chamber”, magazine reviews, DFH Bocce Tournament, and after this weekend Kennett Square Brewfest.

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  1. Ann Elise Says:

    OMG! Your blog was even funnier than your e-mail. I know it is not nice to laugh, I’m sorry, but I can just picture the state you & Robert were in. No fun! Congrats again to the both of you on completing!

  2. Freyguy Says:

    Way to go on the hangover run! I thought about doing the dash this year too, but it was bad timing. Maybe I’ll get my lard arse in shape for it next year. We were at Middle Run riding moutinain bikes one night a month or two ago, and my buddy swore he saw a guy with blondish dreds running around in the woods and thought it was you. I told him he must hallucinating, but maybe it was you!
    See ya at the brewfest, I can’t wait. Looks like they have alot of improvements in pace for this year.

  3. Brian Says:

    Ann – you don’t even know. One piece of advice for when you go running, if you are throwing up turn around and go home!

    Brian – Come do the dash next year, for $25 it’s a nice run, not to busy at the beach, and basically an open bar for like an hour plus afterward If you like drinking good beer at 9AM like me then this is a good thing. Dude, I run over at Middle Run like once a week or once every ten days or so, I love that area. So, yeah, it probably was me. If you see me, say ‘hey’. Brewfest looks sick this year, see you Saturday!

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    […] another 30 minutes, and a large coffee before the run I would have been 100% easy. Much better than last year, where we both were like 10-20%, yuck. So, kind of regardless, we’ll be back again next year! […]

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