Kennett Brewfest 2008

I know, I know, it was over a week ago and my slacker-ass is only now getting around to posting about the Kennett Brewfest, oh well, deal with it.

So two Saturdays ago (yes, 10.04.08) was the annual Kennett Brewfest, probably the closest and best brewfest that I go to the most regularly. It’s funny, with me, Kennett has a reputation of being either really good or not so good, but never bad, and they seem to happen every other year. Well, since last year was the closest fest I’ve been to at Kennett where I almost didn’t have a good time, you know this one couldn’t suck!

A couple changes were made to help make things better, but really it boiled down to two changes that kind of go hand-in-hand, that being only a limited number of tickets were sold this year and there were no day of sales for tickets. They also happened to have more breweries this year (mostly distributor represented), so between the extra booth spaces for people to visit and the little bit less people it felt a little roomier and generally the lines moved a bit faster. Biggest complaint for this year, which has been a problem for a couple years now, is they have one section where there is an aisle where maybe eight breweries face each other from each side. Well, once the lines form for all sixteen of those breweries it is almost impossible to get through that aisle plus there appears to be a lot of line jumping. It was the only area where waiting for a beer kind of sucked.

Highlights for me? Definitely Voo Doo’s Big Black Voo Doo Daddy, one hell of an Imperial Stout, Oak Aged Arrogant Bastard from Stone never disappoints, and the beers from Oskar Blues were all great. Until next year!

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