Mo’ Spinnin’

Mo’ Spinnin’ – as I referred to it in the last post, or as Garrett referred to it, a Vortex of Activity (better title).

So recently Garrett has turned into a mad-scientist-of-electrical-mayhem so to speak. Not only has he built the fancy thinking box for his grant, he has also built two stir plates from scratch! Yes, the wiring, the circuitry, the magnets, the everything – it for real boggles my mind to even look at it. Anyway, he built me one, which is super awesome, but I didn’t have a stir bar (the yellow thing in the flask) so I haven’t been able to play with it at all. So, here’s a picture of me testing it out, it pulls a pretty deep vortex in my opinion, though if I turn it up too high the vortex and stir bar become pretty unstable. For one of the first times ever, I can’t wait to make a starter for my next batch of beer. All I really need to do now is get together with Garrett and brew up a batch of starter wort so I can be all set up. Open starter wort and empty into flask, add yeast vial, add stir bar, turn on stir plate for 24-48 hours – mad yeast! Shweet!

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  1. Andrew Says:

    I’d like to know where he got those nice plastic cases from (I want to put a stir plate together myself soon – I can make a stir plate but I can’t make a SS kettle…). I’ve seen DIY plans on homebrew sites and they tend to use Radio Shack black plastic project boxes. Not nearly as spiffy or as sturdy looking, and if one wants to use say a 5L flask to grow a really large amount of yeast, your case looks much more up to the task.

  2. Brian Says:

    Custom cut plexi, 1/8″ and 1/4″, I’m not positive off the top of my head which sizes he used for which pieces of the case, but I could check if that would be helpful to you.

  3. garrett Says:

    Top and long edges are 1/4″, bottom and front/back are 1/8″.

  4. andrew Says:

    thanks guys. I have to reveal my plastic working inexperience now… What device did you use to cut the plexiglass and did you use an epoxy type adhesive to attach pieces together?

  5. Brian Says:

    Andrew – the plexi can be cut with any sharp saw, a table saw or chop saw work fine depending on what size piece your working with. You can then clean up the edges with a router if need be, or a dremel tool with what ever kind of attachment, or a metal file. The adhesive is called Acrylic Weld-On, you may be able to find it or order it at a hobby shop like Mitchell’s. He is a page that has several different kinds of Weld-On – – I think he used the #3, but I could double check if you’re really interested.

  6. Andrew Says:

    (Sorry for the late reply – have had limited internet access of late). I hope to put a stir plate together when I return from my current travels. You’ve both given me enough information I think to proceed, thanks!

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