A couple Saturdays ago was the 24th Annual HOPS BOPS homebrew competition. Sorry it took so long to post.

The reason I was waiting to post was I had entered three homebrew competitions and I was going to wait and post the results all at one time. Well, one of the competitions, the Lancaster Homebrewers, are taking a very long time to get back results. The first was HOPS BOPS (10.18) and they emailed PDF files of your score sheets, the second was the Lancaster (10.18, also) and they have told me they are mailing score sheets but I haven’t seen anything, and the last was Stoney Creek (11.08, see below) which I was there to receive. So since I already posted the results to the SC competition I figured I might as well do this one too. Anyway, I entered my Abbey Ale as a Dubbel and this is what they had to say:

  • Abbey Ale – 18B – Belgian Dubbel – 34/34 – 2nd Place – “Base recipe seems good but astringency intrudes on malt complexity.” – “The aroma promises more than the flavor delivers, a very good Dubbel just a little lacking in complexity.”

Honestly, it is very similar to what the SCHBs had to say, but scored about 10 points higher, closer to where you need to score to place, go figure. Well, I guess that’s what I get for brewing my Belgian style beer last winter when the basement has controlled temperatures instead of in the summer when it’s warming and letting the yeast run a muck.

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