So tonight I doctored my 15 gallons of Scottish Ale, I changed its Scottishness.


So, originally I had 15 gallons of Scottish Heavy 70/- Ale. That’s cool, but 15 gallons of any beer is a lot of the same thing (think over 6 cases). So I decided to tweak some the beer and hope for the best. First, we have the original plain-ol-plain-ol Scottish Heavy 70/- Ale. This is essentially a malty session-strength ale that is the same style as the original Hunting MacRae, could have beeen an unplanned rebirth? Second is the Scotch Scottish. This is 1oz. of American oak chips, steamed and steeped on 2oz. of Johnnie Walker Black Label then added to the carboy, this will be sampled in a few days time to see how it developed. The base beer is quite light and want to try and contribute not overwhelm. And third is the Hop Scott. This is 2oz. of homegrown Zeus (a la Garrett) hops added to the carboy. The irony of this addition is that Scottish beers are know for their lack of hops, thus being completely opposite of traditional. Other ideas that were bypassed were some sort of dark fruit (think cherry, raisin, fig, plum), a herbal addition (thinking rosemary and sage while making chicken on Sunday), and spice (possibly Chinese 5-spice or caraway).

So, what’s done is done at this point, we will see what developes. I could see a possible blend and have a Hop Scotch 70/- Ale perhaps. Perhaps…

2 Responses to “Scottishness”

  1. David Says:

    *raises hand* – willing to volunteer to taste test any or all of the above.

  2. John Says:

    Johnny Walker makes everything taste great! I also volunteer as a taste tester!

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