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Here it is a groove slightly transformed, just a bit of a break from the norm…


5:00 short film, 2:30 minutes of credits ๐Ÿ™‚ – (Direct Link Here)

Here it is, the official internet release of our short film World Wide Clout. It is the third place winner in the 2009 Dogfish Head Off-Centered Film Fest. The basic criteria for the DFH Off-Centered Film Fest were: “Films which will be considered for the Off-Centered Film Fest must be no longer than five minutes in length, must include a story-line containing the concept of an underdog, and must include a reference to Dogfish Head in the script or have Dogfish Head product placement in the film.” That’s it, and we ran with it!

The basic idea behind World Wide Clout was we wanted to take both of the given criteria requirements and basically be obnoxious with them. So for the concept of an underdog we tried to make it both extremely impossible but yet still a totally probable scenario plus blow the hell up out of DFH while trying to not be full on tacky. We referenced 26 DFH beer in the film (see if you can count them all) and had mad DFH product placement, again as Sam said, “these guys had a Dogfish Head reference like every two seconds.” Exactly. So after we started drinking, and thinking, and drinking, and thinking a little bit more of what we wanted to do for the film festival we came up with almost the entire idea of World Wide Clout from start to finish in one night – it was too funny. After we were finished and looked at what we had on paper, we realized that there was a large enough of a story-arc to create a full length movie, but that wasn’t possible. So how do you wean that down to five minutes? Turn it into a preview to a movie of course! So World Wide Clout is actually a preview to a movie that doesn’t exist, you got that?

Anyway, because I know everyone will be wondering, I’ve also hunted down the second and first place winners short films here and will provide a link here so that you can check them out if you are so interested.

Second Place was a short animated commercial called “Psychedelic Dogfish Head Beer Cartoon Commercial” by Dax Norman. It clocked in at 1:09. If I remember correctly Dax said he was an art student from Florida who enters short film competitions “all the time”.

First Place was a short film/commercial just called “Dogfish Head Commercial” by Chris Rose. It clocked in at 1:58. If I remember correctly Chris is a local to Austin and is a DJ in town who actually missed the first night of the film festival (the beer tasting portion) because he was in Brooklyn, perhaps DJ-ing.

All right, well there you go, World Wide Clout for the masses. Please let me know what you think in the comments section either on this web site or on YouTube, we’d all love to hear your feedback may it be good or bad, we’re ready for it. Though this process started in January and it is now almost May this has been one of the most fun little projects I have ever gotten to work on. Big thanks once again to Erik Mitchell, Robert Desjardin, Karen Moore, Corey Bonser, and Sharon Wienckoski and everyone else who contributed there time and energies, may it be through help with the soundtrack, donations of props and equipment, or use of a filming location – with out everyone’s help listed in the credits, this would not have been possible, please watch the credits.

14 Responses to “World Wide Clout – YouTube”

  1. David Says:

    The film is GREAT. I bet you had one helluva great time putting that together!

    My thoughts:
    1 – I think it is smart, fun and silly all at once.
    2 – I think it could be made into a full feature – kinda like Kill Bill.
    3 – Brian’s hair deserves the Oscar – no questions!

    If you guys are considering doing something else like this, let me know. I have access to an HD camera to up the pro-ness.

  2. John Says:

    Did your crown come from Burger King? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Really guy’s the whole story and film were A+

  3. Chip Says:

    Awesome job. The 2nd and first place commercials had nothing on you guys.

  4. Pink Squirrel Says:

    This is easily the best film of 2009. Get ya popcorn ready!!!

    hoo dee hoo!!!!

  5. Bryan Pylant Says:

    HA! That’s sooo freakin’ brilliant! Kudos to you and Robert and Karen (and the others, who I don’t think I’ve met before).

    Love the scene with you stroking your dreads a la Don Corleone.

  6. Mom Midas Says:

    Un-“freakin’ ” believable! You should have won FIRST! My favorite character was Brian’s hair…I think it will “go far…all the way to his a**”
    I love the “bad” theme music for Robert. Where were you guys at Valero refinery??? or what? I think you have to have an annual film contest and add that or replace the Scavenger Hunt!
    You can make a film for me anytime!
    Although I didn’t find the 2o or so beers my favorite was the SWORD with the mighty hilt and the nun-chucks were pretty creative too!

    Oscars for everyone!! When will the complete film be showing? Can we pre-buy tickets???
    Loved it, loved it, loved it!

  7. The G Man Says:

    Awesome job! I think they got the order wrong, though. I don’t get the first place commercial…not really funny or anything.

  8. Navy Mom Says:

    Very silly, I love that your hair had it’s own part! I had thought it was a rabbit! LOL! Posted the link to my facebook page.

  9. Cheeseball Says:

    That was fucking awesome. I loved Mr. Olde School Barleysworth!!! LMAO. Karen could kick some ass in those shoes. I watched the other 2 films. You guys got robbed of 1st place. They sucked ass in comparison!!!

  10. Crazy Cat Lady Says:

    OMG I loved loved loved your short film. I was very impressed with the footage, and Robert you were the bomb! You really need to get on stage with Karen. You were fabulous!! Brian, the pet hair was too much, and the expression on your face at the very end….priceless. Eric’s ghetto NJ accent was ridiculously funny. Karen and Robert’s cut to the Golden Shower…..ha ha!!! When is the movie coming out????? I need more!!

    I did not look at first and second place, but congrats on third place. I’m not sure how the other two that beat you guys out, so they must have been crazy good. I don’t know how you guys did not get first place. How are you going to top that next year? It seems almost impossible…

    Who knew you were such an awesome Ninja, Robert!!

    You guys did a fantastic job, very creative, and again the camera shots were amazing for an armature film.

    I watched it last night like five times straight.

  11. JS Sales Guy Says:

    You know, for the leader of F.O.R.T., you’re not such a bad guy.

  12. SR Sales Lady Says:

    This was really FUN! You all did a wonderful job รขโ‚ฌโ€œ I really enjoyed it !!

  13. Lil Jersey Devil Says:

    LOL! That was funny….good job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. RN Show Service Says:

    By the way รขโ‚ฌโ€œ your dogfish film was way better than the 2 that won. The psychedelic thing was creepy.

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