S.A.W. Pale Ale

Today was the first time I brewed since Labor Day weekend and brewed a beer I haven’t brewed since 2007, the S.A.W. Pale Ale.

The S.A.W. Pale Ale is a pale ale brewed with a combination of Simcoe, Amarillo, and Warrior hops, thus the S.A.W. abbreviation. I also use the Dogfish Head continuous hopping method for this beer where the hops are added at the same rate throughout the brew. So for this beer it has a 2 to 1 ration of Amarillo to the other two hops, I then mixed the hops all together so the three hops are indistinguishable, and then measure out a consistent amount, half an ounce for this batch, and add it continuously at at a set rate, every eight minutes for this batch. Also, I suppose I should mention that I wasn’t able to find whole leaf Warrior hops so I substituted with whole leaf Zeus hops, so I suppose this is really the S.A.Z. Pale Ale, but whatever.

The brew day went well enough, I went into it already exhausted which means I am really beat right now. There was no major mishaps that went down only a couple little hiccups. Didn’t realize I was out of Whirlfloc so there is a higher potential for a not as clear beer. I forgot to oxygenate my wort until after I added my yeast, really not a big deal at all just a little out of sequence then normal. I ran out of propane while heating the mash out water, really not a big deal either since I had a back up ready to go. And I’m a little nervous about my yeast starter, 1000ml of WLP001 that was a month out of date. Theoretically it should be fine, but, I dunno, it didn’t seem “right”. Other than that I got four carboys cleaned, two kegs cleaned, two beers transferred and dry hopped, and wrapped the brew day in less than seven hours. So, though I am exhausted, and there was a couple hoops to jump through, the day went well.

I transfered the APA with Saison Yeast, which of course meant that I sampled it. It was interesting, the final gravity was nice and low (unlike the Saison itself … hmmm), the american hops stood out brightly and the Saison yeast gave it an interesting twist though I would have preferred a more peppery contribution. We’ll see, should be in kegs soon, and then who knows when it will go on tap. Speaking of which, I just put two new beers on tap, the American Brown I brewed with Heather and Robert back in August and the plain Saision. I still have the Perle American Wheat on tap too. I’ll try to write a review of the two new beers this week. Lined up to be tapped next is the Chocolate Brown and the Sage and Peppercorn Saison, both of those should be interesting!

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  1. John Says:

    Sounds great…… Heading to Magic Hat next month, any suggestions? I can’t wait to have a “few” Switchbacks while I’m in town. Noticed you dod not brew any Pumkin/Haloween beer this year.


  2. Brian Says:

    When at Magic Hat if you see Chaotic Chemistry or Thumb Sucker go for them for sure. Nope, no Pumpkin type beer, but I do think I am going to do a Hard Cider again, I need to get on that though …

  3. John Says:

    Brian –

    No Chaotic Chemistry or Thumb Sucker at Magic Hat this week. I did get MAJOR kudos for the request…. The Hippy working the taps said they were “way old school varieties”.


  4. FoolCircle Says:

    Awesome. Well, I’ve heard they release bottles once in a blue moon there, maybe they’ll remember you since you’re one of their vendors and you’ll get the hook up 🙂

  5. John Says:

    Hey…… Where’s the posts? No new brews for the winter season to review? no Dogfish News?


  6. Brian Says:

    Yeah John, not too much going on right now. Have ingredients to brew a really hoppy IPA just haven’t gotten to it yet. Have 3 new beers on tap too: a CA Red, Chocolate American Brown, and the Sage and Peppercorn Saison, all are good in their own right. And I was going to write reviews for the new Discovery/DFH show Brew Masters, but time slipped away. Maybe things will pick up after the first of the year. Thanks for checking back – B

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