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Beerhind the Music: The Hopp Mobb

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Beerhind the Music: The Hopp Mobb

This is our short film entry to the 2011 Dogfish Head Off-Centered Film Fest. We came in Second Place this year.

Here’s a segment of a review from Austin 360, which I believe is associated with the newspaper in Austin:

“But there were a lot of laughs on the stage Saturday night and, got to say it, the films have never been better. “Beerhind the Music: The Hopp Mobb” nailed the VH1 schtick brutally and featured an interview with a music journalist named, if I’ve got the spelling correctly, “Kurt Lautertun.” (That’s a reference to both Kurt Loder and a piece of brewing equipment. Everybody there was geeky enough to get it.) That film, by returning champ Erik Mitchell from Delaware, placed second. The filmmakers secret: They drank nine bottles of Bitches Brew the night before they made it.” Austin 360 link