New Year's Eve Bourbon Stout

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Brew Date: 11/17/2001
Batch Number: 32
Type: Stout
Alc Percent: 6.50%

Notes & Comments:
This beer was inspired by the Bourbon Stout at Iron Hill Newark. This beer they had was delicious. Aged on Jack Daniel's casks, creamy, bourbony . . . sweet.

Not having any bourbon casks to age the beer on, I just poured some bourbon into the mash, how much harm could it do!?

"Not bad. More bourbony than I had intended, but not too much." -B.

I also reserved one bottle for the next year's New Year's Eve, kind of to start and end the year in the same way, and also to see how it developed, and this is what I had to say, "Perfecto!"

Special Ingredients: Jim Beam Bourbon, brown sugar, coffee and black pepper