Celebration Ale

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Brew Date: 11/26/2002
Batch Number: 43
Type: S/H/V - Fruit Beer
Alc Percent: 0.00%

Notes & Comments:
This beer was lovingly brewed in honor of the joyous celebration of the birth of Ms. Trinity Elise Clow-McLaughlin!

Basically, I got the phone call that my good buddies Ann and Richard had just had there first child, Trinity, and that everything was great. Feeling as if I couldn't do anything to "help" I did what I felt I could, celebrate. So upon recieving the phone call I flew to the store and bought ingredients to make something original with sugar and spice and everything nice. Exactly what the doctor ordered. I gave the beer to Ann, Richard and Trinity for Christmas.

"Yummy! Lightly fruity, lightly sweet, lightly bitter." -B.

Note: when we tried this beer in June at the 1st Fool Circle Beer Tasting it tasted SO bad it wasn't even funny. Obviously it did not age gracefully.

Special Ingredients: Organic raspberry juice, kava, valerian, wormwood, cat nip, chamomile and vanilla bean