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Brew Date: 04/27/2003
Batch Number: 49
Type: E.S.B.
Alc Percent: 6.00%

Notes & Comments:
FeS2, or Iron Sulfide, or Marcasite, or Pyrite, or more commonly FOOL'S GOLD. It can have a beautiful luster and interesting crystals. It is so common in the world's crust that it is found in almost every possible environment, hence it has a vast number of forms.

Pyrite - Fool's Gold - Pyrite - Fool's Gold!! Get it!? The E.S.B. was gold, made by Fool Circle, Fool's Gold . . . Hey McCloud get off of my ewe, get it!? - I kill me!

"OK. A little homebrewed tasting, whatever that means =)" - B.