East Coast Pale Ale (E.C.P.A.)

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Brew Date: 10/04/2003
Batch Number: 55
Type: I.P.A.
Alc Percent: 4.00%
  • 2nd Place in the American Pale Ale category at the War of the Worts IX on February 21, 2004

Notes & Comments:
The East Coast Pale Ale (E.C.P.A.) is a maltier version of a pale ale that has lots of Willamette hop flavor and Cascade hop aroma, a total of nine ounces! The E.C.P.A. should have the malt and hop flavor of an I.P.A. with the bitterness of a standard Pale Ale. Experience the 'fuck your face' taste of a true American beer. A big "cheers" to Frank Ellis in Missouri.