Summer Brew

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Brew Date: 05/28/2004
Batch Number: 63
Type: Pale Ale
Alc Percent: 4.50%

Notes & Comments:
(side bar) "The Summer Ale is a light colored "hoppy" pale ale that presents the classic Cascade hop in both flavor and aroma. It may be lighter in color but not in flavor! This ale is remarkably quenching and would be a great partner after summer time activities such as: Bar-B-Qing, yard work or sitting around a camp fire."

This beer was first broken out at the 2nd Annual Fool Circle beer tasting. It was bottled that morning so to say the beer was a little green still was an understatement. Basically I wanted to throw a loop into the mix and mess everyone up since no one had it yet. This was the beer that the quote, "tastes like beer juice" is from. See the update on the beer tasting here 2nd Annual Fool Circle Beer Tasting, June 13th 2004

Here's the alternative label that appeared on some bottles, sorry but the tie-dye thing was too easy to have fun with.