Double Dubbel

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Brew Date: 06/19/2004
Batch Number: 64
Type: Belgian Dubbel - Doubled
Alc Percent: 13.50%

Notes & Comments:
(side bar) "The Double Dubbel was, is and shall be an experiment, period. I was not trying to reproduce any style, replicate any recipe or follow any rules. This beer is an outcast, a misfit, a lone wolf. Enjoy it if you can and while it's here, you may not see something like this come along ever again. But, at 13.5%, please be aware that this beverage is not for the tame, so please use caution."

The new most expensive Fool Circle batch. This batch IS an experiment, an idea. Basically I wanted to brew a Triple Dubbel and call it Trubbel, but I didn't want to blow like $100 on a batch of beer that may not work. So I toned it down and brewed a Double Dubbel. This beer was brewed June 19th, transfered to a secondary on July 8th, and finally bottled on December 2nd. This beer is huge! I can not wait to enjoy it to it's fullest exstent in about another year!

Here are the notes I wrote after tasting it at bottling time:
Appearance: chestnut with blonde and amber highlights
Bouquet: alcohol, figs, raisins, plums
Palate: sharp then mellow then sharp. alcoholic, "hot" - needs to mature
Mouth Feel: not too thin, but thinner than expected, a little slick, a little tingly
Overall: hopefully this will only get better with age, seems like a good sippin' brew. no head, no lace, no legs - uncarbonated as of yet too