West Coast Pale Ale

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Brew Date: 11/28/1999
Batch Number: 1
Type: Pale Ale
Alc Percent: 3.80%

Notes & Comments:
First things first, I miss acknowledge the fact that it is all Nancy's fault for buying me a "Mr. Beer" brew kit for my birthday. If it wasn't for that, none of this may have ever of happened. Thanks.

This was the FIRST beer in the line of Fool Circle brews. The beer mix I used tasted like "Worthier's Originals" (the butter-scotch candy). This label is what set the basis for what I wanted the Fool Circle labels to look like for basically, forever.

The actual size, design and color motif were my design. Dave was the one who introduced the thought of a new "fool" appearing on each label, this worked for quite a while. He was also the one who introduced the use of Photoshop to me, bastard!

"Tasted like a Pale Ale. A little yeasty. Very happy with the carbonation. Not much head or body." - B.