Honey Pale Ale

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Brew Date: 04/10/2005
Batch Number: 72
Type: 23 Specialty Beer - Pale Ale with Honey
Alc Percent: 4.80%

Notes & Comments:
Sidebar: This Honey Pale Ale was brewed using 3lbs. of honey - about 40% of the entire grain bill, that's HUGE! With this much honey, the honey flavor and aroma really come through this pale ale. Just a little bit of cascade hops have been added to keep the emphasis on the honey while adding just a enough bitterness to keep this ale from becoming cloyingly sweet. A big "Cheers" to Jim Rossi in California!

This beer is great! What a treat it is going to be to drink this beer this summer. The honey nose is immediate, the honey flavor is incorporated in all aspects from beginning to finish, yet it still pulls off being a nice quaffable pale ale. It could be a little dryer in the finish, it is still a bit sweet - but other than that I really feel as if this is the first beer I've brewed with honey that has hit the mark. The other two being the Green Tean with Honey Lager from 2000 (good idea, bad exicution)and the Honey Ginger Pale Ale from 2001 (ditto).

Special Ingredients: 3lbs. of honey