Fool's Initiation

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Brew Date: 08/06/2005
Batch Number: 77
Type: American Pale Ale
Alc Percent: 6.00%

Notes & Comments:
OK, you gotta love the label, right?

Sidebar: Fool's Initiation A.G. APA was a combined effort between two Delaware brewers who had never met before. This APA was an "experimental" batch using just Nugget and Simcoe hops. It also happen to be The Fool's initiation into all-grain brewing. A grand thank you to my generous brewing partner Garrett and his wife Donna!

Wow, where to begin . . . ? Anyway, Garrett, my brew partner, originally designed the concept label for his tap handle on his kegerator (jealous). I then took his idea and ran with it a little. Basically all I did was change the format to fit a beer bottle better and change the perspective slightly so that you got the full "Please sir may I have another" aspect of it.

Anyway, the beer turned out awesome and I can't wait to buy my own all-grain equipment. Besides Garrett taking the time to show me the ropes and being very generous, there wer two minor differences in our beer. This was actually a 10 gallon batch split two ways with him retaining one and me taking the other. Garrett ran his straight, kegged it, force carbonated it and served it. I ran my primary normal, added 2oz. Nugget hops during secondary, and bottle-conditioned mine. So we both were dying to try the others to see what difference handling, temperature, dry hops and serving vessle would make. Here's what I have to say: In all honesty, I thought the beers were remarkably similar, regardless of everything. Mine MAY of had a little bit more hop aroma and Garrett's MAY have been a little bit more clear, but otherwise - amazing!

I had a great time making a great beer and I hope to do it again. Maybe one day I'll even make it to a First State Brewer's meeting!

Garrett's Label