Enigma Stout #76

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Brew Date: 07/10/2005
Batch Number: 76
Type: Experimental Stout
Alc Percent: 7.10%

Notes & Comments:

No sidebar. This beer is crazy so far, I'm just going to leave some information right now, and well, . . . maybe some more later.

07-10-05 - Brewed, 1.075

07-11-05 - The following morning after brew day was dirty. Extremly violent blow-off, this is with a 1 inch big blow off tube. Loss of approximately 1/2 a gallon. Stout "everywhere", in blow off bucket, on carpet, down the stairs, through the carpet and stairs into closet below - hot mess!

07-19-05 - 1.032

07-28-05 - Soaked 2oz. of medium roast French oak cubes in 8oz. of 101 Wild Turkey Bourbon.

08-05-05 - 1.030

08-14-05 - 1.030, (Day 34) Made a "starter" out of 32oz. of water, 16oz. Billington's light brown Muscovado sugar and the "slurry" (trub) from the bottom of the primary fermenter in a 64oz. growler, it was a 1.130 starter (?!?).

08-16-05 - 1.030 Added "starter" from above and also, sliced, scraped and chopped two fresh vanilla beans and added them and the oak from the bourbon from above into the secondary fermenter.

08-19-05 - 1.027

08-30-05 - 1.026, Added a third split, scrapped and chopped vanilla bean to 4 TBSP. of the reserved bourbon-oaky solution.

09-20-05 - 1.021, bottling day. Added 11.5g. pack of Safale US-56 yeast at bottling to help with carbonation. Reconstituted yeast in 1/4 cup symple syrup made with corn sugar and 1 cup of bottled water. Added the bourbon mix from 8-30 to bottling bucket.Also, spur of the momment added 1/2 cup fresh espresso with ground pepper in it to the bottling bucket too. Keep bottles in "warm" temperature to help with carbonation problems.

09-29-05 - Make label and post about Enigma Stout #76

10-04-05 - Tried beer for the "first time". This beer is wierd . . . It reminded me of a light stout with heavy esters and a belgian flair, maybe with an undlining oaky thing.

12-13-05 - There is no oregano in this beer (Dave).