Honey Pale Ale 2

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Brew Date: 10/23/2005
Batch Number: 81
Type: Braggot
Alc Percent: 6.00%

Notes & Comments:

Side bar: The Honey Pale Ale 2 was brewed using 4lbs. of honey - 50% of the entire grain bill, that's huge! With this much honey, the honey flavor and aroma really come through this pale ale. Just a little bit more Cascade hops have been added than last time to help keep the bitterness in check with all of that lovely sweetness.This balanced mixture of honey & malt is also know as a Braggot.

OK, I have actually tasted about four of these, one every other week since they were done being carbonated. I can say this much, the beer is getting better with a little bit of age, so I really can't wait to see what this beer is like in another month. The first bottle was very disappointing, especially with remembering how much I enjoyed the original HPA. Unfortunetly, this beer was very hot and alcoholic tasting, not at all what I remember. By the fourth taste, and after about two more months of aging, the beer has mellowed out significatly, to the point that I actually enjoyed the last one that I tasted, but it still wastn't "ready". The honey overtones and slight sweetness from the first HPA are almost gone in comparison, so we'll really have to see if things change in that department.